Wake Your Dream

Join Annaliese Seaborn, Life Design Coach, as she talks with her husband Alan about growth, faith, and brain science, and how making shifts in your thoughts and actions daily can help you make changes and create a life you love.

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6 days ago

In this episode, Annaliese and Alan dive into the challenges of effective communication and explore how to have more productive conversations. Annaliese shares practical tips to enhance self-awareness and improve your interactions with others, leading to smoother and more meaningful exchanges.
You’ll Hear About:- How misunderstandings happen without us realizing it, and strategies to stop the negative narratives in your mind. Practicing self-awareness in communication helps you respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively, making you feel proud of your interactions.- The benefits of planning your key points before a conversation and being mindful of jumping to conclusions about the other person’s responses. This preparation can lead to more effective and smoother discussions.- Techniques for staying present during tough conversations, reminding yourself that you have control over how and what you communicate. This approach helps prevent spiraling into negativity or shutting down when facing difficult talks.
Resources:- Experience coaching with Annaliese! Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your FREE 1-hour Discovery Chat. Share your story and gain practical tips from Annaliese on how to create real change in your life.
WHAT CAN HELP COMMUNICATION:1. Check in with yourself to understand your current emotional state and experience.2. Pair this mental check-in with a reassuring touch, like placing a hand on your chest or arm, to feel more grounded and open.3. If the conversation isn’t going well, try introducing the mood or statements you wish were present. Remember, you and the other person can always explore different angles.4. Ask more questions to invite openness and curiosity, reducing defensiveness and fostering a calmer conversation atmosphere.Listen today to feel less alone, and more capable to try different ways to have better conversations about hard things!

Wednesday Jun 05, 2024

Annaliese and Alan unpack their own experiences more, and talk through practical ways to check in with yourself when you feel your daily experience needs a shift. They share their personal steps and offer insights on how you can implement these practices to create meaningful changes in your life.
Notice What Works for You: Give yourself permission to experiment with different check-in methods, such as physically slowing down, focusing on your breath, placing your hand on your chest, or clenching and unclenching your hand to notice your feelings.
Daily Check-In Practice: Learn how to start a consistent check-in routine to better trust and support yourself.
Permission to Say No: Understand the importance of saying No to create the margin for the Yes’s that truly matter.
Experience Coaching with Annaliese: Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your FREE, 1-hour Discovery Chat. Share your story and receive personalized tips to make real changes in your life.
Practices To Check In with Yourself:
Clench Your Hand: Interrupt negative or fearful feelings by making a fist and identifying the sensations in your body. This practice helps you become more familiar with your emotions, providing stability throughout your day.
Slow Down: Take a physical posture of ownership by slowing down. Notice and experience your feelings with curiosity and openness. Allocate time for yourself and remind yourself that you are in charge. This helps you understand your thoughts and improve them.
Early Day Journaling: Spend 3-5 minutes brain dumping your thoughts. Then spend another 3-5 minutes listing truth statements for yourself. These truth statements are reminders that help you focus on who you want to be, how you want to act, and the feelings you want to cultivate during your day and whatever you're doing.
Listen in for more about these simple yet powerful practices and how you can use them to transform your daily life!

Wednesday May 29, 2024

Annaliese and Alan talk about how to begin healthier habits by recognizing and understanding your daily experiences so you can make new choices that work better for you. Annaliese shares actionable tips on how to begin helpful change by choosing different little ways to handle your day. They emphasize that meaningful, proactive living begins with small, intentional steps to grow your awareness.
You’ll Hear About:- How when you notice your daily experiences, it can seem like “it is what it is,” but reminding yourself that awareness is the first step toward any healthier changes you might make.- The significance of identifying when something bothers you, prompting you to check in with yourself to understand your feelings, what they're caused by, and what they're telling you.- Developing healthier habits by paying attention to your emotions helps guide you to choosing the support you need.- How practicing trusting your awareness and insights more is what helps you realize you’re on the right path.
Resources:-Experience coaching with Annaliese for yourself! Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your FREE, 1-hour Discovery Chat. Share your story with Annaliese and she'll help you gain helpful tips to make real changes in your life.
The Best Way To Start Becoming Aware of Your Daily Experience:1. Focus on your inner experience (feelings) rather than just your outer accomplishments.2. Don’t discount your feelings as too small or petty; each one is significant and conveys important information to you about you.3. Use what you're seeing about your overall experience to identify where you need extra support or where you can offer yourself more grace, understanding, or empowering messages.
3 Questions To Start More Self-Awareness in Your Day:1. What feels unhealthy about my day?2. What might I need more of?3. What am I doing or feeling too much of in my day?
Embrace your answers with curiosity; sometimes what feels bad is actually good for you (ex. the challenge of self-discipline), and what feels good may not be beneficial (ex. "the right thing at the wrong time").Be encouraged as you listen today to make real change in your day!

Wednesday May 22, 2024

Annaliese and Alan walk through idea of succeeding at the wrong things in life and what truly brings you satisfaction and fulfillment. Annaliese highlights the difference you feel when you focus on who you’re being and becoming, rather than just chasing external success.
You’ll Hear About:- The myth of what you’re “supposed to” be doing and pursuing. True fulfillment comes from recognizing if your goals are genuinely satisfying and purposeful.- How meaning and purpose are what should drive your actions. Outer achievements can't create inner peace and satisfaction.- Identifying your “thing" by examining your default priorities and motivations. Are they providing security, satisfaction, and fulfillment? By understanding your usual patterns, you can start asking the right questions to solve problems more effectively.- The importance of your own definition of success. Do you know what it is? Reflect on why you pursue things the way you do. Clarifying your goals helps you recognize where you might be missing the mark.
Resources:- Schedule your FREE, 1-hour Discovery Chat with Annaliese at www.linktree.com/coachannaliese. Share your experiences and get coached on achieving the results you're hoping for, while taking away practical tips for real change.HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU’RE SUCCEEDING AT:  1. Define “success” for yourself. What does it mean, and is it working for you?  2. Identify how your current habits block you from new experiences (e.g., constant busyness prevents rest). The status quo can hinder change.  3. Describe the “right” things for you. What’s missing that you want more of, and how would achieving them improve your life?Continue this conversation by listening to our “Find Your Why” episode so you can explore your next steps of building real success in your life: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-9hjpq-14c476d

Wednesday May 15, 2024

In this uplifting episode, Annaliese and Alan delve deeper into the transformative power of Core Values, pointing out the freedom and clarity you gain when you use your Core Values to help you live a more purpose-driven life.
You’ll Hear About:
Alignment with Purpose: Discover how recognizing and embodying your Core Values leads to a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment inside you in your daily life. You'll hear how to live in more alignment with your values so you can be you more authentically. In these ways, you get to express your true self more daily, which helps yourself move in the direction you want to!
Intentional Living: Explore the concept of living more intentionally and see how that will impact your personal growth. By regularly revisiting your Core Values and intentionally integrating them into your daily routines, you can cultivate consistency and authenticity in your actions.
Celebrating Progress: Hear about the importance of acknowledging and celebrating choices you make that align you with your Core Values during your day. By crediting yourself for intentional actions, you reinforce the better actions and results you want, and empower yourself to continue to create better results in your life as you journey into personal development.
Experience the transformative power of coaching with Annaliese by scheduling a FREE, 1-hour Discovery Chat at www.linktree.com/coachannaliese. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story and goals with Annaliese as she provides personalized coaching and guiding tips to help you create practical, meaningful change in your life.
Practicing Your Core Values Intentionally:
Proactive: Embrace proactive living by lining up your actions more with your Core Values. By keeping your Core Values more top of mind, you'll recognize moments ahead of time in your day where your values guide your choices, and that helps you cultivate authenticity and purpose more naturally in your daily life.
Practical: Take practical steps to integrate your Core Values into your daily routine by using simple tools, such as writing down your values on your phone and on Post-It's you place around you in key spots in your home and car and workspace. These little steps help you remind yourself of your Core Values for better daily alignment and clarity in your actions and decisions.
Purposeful: Embrace more purposeful living by celebrating the moments you practice alignment with your Core Values! Recognize and credit yourself for intentional actions, growing a sense of satisfaction and joy in your journey of personal growth.
Listen in to discover how walking in your Core Values aligns you with feeling fulfilled and on track in life - even more the ways you want!

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Annaliese and Alan talk through how knowing your Core Values is so powerful for your life! Uncovering and embracing them more proactively helps you experience greater joy and satisfaction in your life.
Discovering Your Core Values:When you identify and name your Core Values, you're essentially pinpointing what truly matters to you. These values resonate deeply, making you feel authentic and aligned with your true self. By keeping these values at the forefront of your mind, you naturally gravitate towards experiences and connections that bring you joy and fulfillment.
Living Authentically:Embracing your Core Values allows you to live authentically, which in turn leads to a sense of satisfaction with life. When you consistently align your actions with your values, you become more in tune with your purpose and identity, fostering a greater sense of fulfillment and capability.
Gifts to Yourself and Others:Acting in alignment with your Core Values not only benefits you but also enriches your relationships and community. By embodying your values, you contribute to a more authentic and fulfilling life for yourself and those around you.
RESOURCES:-Experience coaching with Annaliese to see how she could help you get the results you want for your life! Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your FREE, 1-hour Discovery Chat. You’ll spend the call sharing your story with Annaliese as she coaches you on the results you’re looking for. You’ll gain helpful tips from your call that you can use to make a real change in your life.-QUICK WAY TO DISCOVER SOME OF YOUR CORE VALUES:Google "Core Values" and browse through image search results. Pick a word list and select 2-5 words that you notice resonate with you and make you feel something. You've just found some of your Core Values!-USING YOUR CORE VALUES INTENTIONALLY:
Relationships: When interacting with others, focus on some of your values. Looking at it this way helps you understand your value in the relationship and shows you how to invest in it authentically, naturally inviting deeper connections with both yourself and others.
Work: Notice where you can apply your values more proactively to your work - they give you more satisfying motivations and outcomes. Doing your work with this authenticity protects you from burnout and helps you feel more purposeful professionally.
Alone Time: During moments where you're alone with yourself, be intentional about letting your values influence you, and notice how important they are to you being you. Allowing yourself to fully enjoy these moments of self-discovery and authenticity brings you connection and trust in yourself.
Listen in for the chance to uncover and own your Core Values more, and see how it helps you stay tuned to a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in all aspects of your life!

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Annaliese and Alan talk more about the topic of self-awareness, sharing practical tips to understand your thoughts and take control in the moment. Annaliese shares one of her favorite phrases for this, "be on to yourself," highlighting the significance of viewing your thoughts as optional. This mindset helps you stay present and connected with yourself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
You'll hear about:
-Practical Self-Awareness: Discover how being more self-aware in your everyday moments can boost your confidence and decisiveness.-Being "On To" Yourself: Uncover the sneaky tricks your brain plays and learn how to catch them in action. Being "on to" yourself means pausing before making decisions and asking if your thoughts align with your goals.-Embracing Uncertainty: Life is full of uncertainties, but recognizing that you have choices empowers you to handle them with grace and resilience.RESOURCES:
-Experience coaching with Annaliese firsthand to see if it can help you reach your goals. Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your free, 1-hour Discovery Chat. Spend 20-30 minutes sharing your story and the results you want more of with Annaliese, then receive 30 minutes of coaching on your chosen topic. You'll walk away with helpful tips and better ways to be you in your life!-DAILY WAYS TO PRACTICE BEING 'ON TO' YOURSELF:1. Set an alarm twice a day (e.g., morning and evening) to check in with yourself.Use this to help yourself remember to take a second to check in with how you're doing and where your thoughts are at. Feel yourself drop down from your head into your body.      - Notice your body's sensations, not just your thoughts. Are you at ease, tense, worried, sad?    - Name the emotion you're experiencing.    - Ask yourself, "What am I thinking that's causing this feeling?"    - Now decide if you agree by asking yourself: “Do I agree with this feeling and thought story in my head? Do I want to continue to be in this and let it drive me, or pick a better thought?”
2. Create a mental space so you can make a better decision.Use this in the moments when you can tell you’re in your feelings/thoughts, in a mood, and just feeling overwhelmed, stressed, trapped.    - Picture two blocks: "Feeling/Thought" and "Action/Reaction."    - Now, imagine yourself creating a third block, which you label "Space."    - Push the "Space" block between the other two to pause and slow down.    - You're the one who's creating this space! Use this moment of space to choose a different, better action than your default reaction to the feeling or thought.
-BENEFITS OF BEING ‘ON TO’ YOURSELF: 1. You trust yourself more 2. You feel more capable of stepping into being in charge of your mind3. You feel more secure in your decisions 4. You choose to be more authentic, more often-BOOK TO GROW YOUR SELF-AWARENESS: “Insight” by Dr. Tasha EurichListen for practical strategies as you build self-awareness and take more control of your thoughts and emotions. Start living life more on your own terms today!

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Annaliese and Alan explore both the frustration and freedom of making and communicating boundaries in relationships. Annaliese underlines the best things about boundaries: they're not barriers to keep people out but pathways and guideposts for your authentic self to thrive in your life and relationships.
YOU'LL HEAR ABOUT:-Boundaries Help You Grow: Boundaries serve as a great foundation for nurturing safety and support within yourself, and give you the ability to transform the dynamics of any relationship you have.
-Alternatives To People-Pleasing: Setting boundaries helps you uncover your people-pleasing habits, and empowers you to prioritize your needs and desires more authentically in your life.
-Accepting Uncomfortable Reactions: It's natural for others to resist your boundaries, but it's crucial to stand firm in your conviction, knowing that your needs matter just as much.
-Transforming Relationships, One Boundary at a Time: Boundaries act as bridges, facilitating healthier interactions and deeper self-awareness within your connections.
RESOURCES:-Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your free, 1-hour Discovery Chat. Spend 20-30 minutes sharing your story with Annaliese, then receive 30 minutes of coaching on your chosen topic for your life. Experience coaching firsthand to see if it aligns with your goals.-Recommended Reading: "Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How To Say No To Take Control Of Your Life" by Henry Cloud and John Townsend.-Emotional Signals for Boundary Needs: Pay attention to emotions like Anger, Irritation, Resentment, Sadness, and Feeling Defeated, which may show you where you need boundaries.-Experiential Cues for Boundary Needs: Look out for signs such as avoiding certain people or situations, having unproductive conversations, or experiencing consistent boundary violations by others.Listen today to explore boundary-setting and feel for yourself its transformative potential in your life!

Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

Annaliese and Alan describe more about the personal experience of living from inner accountability and how it shapes our daily lives. Annaliese emphasizes the importance of practicing inner accountability in light of growing your own relationship with yourself, and getting to feel more authentic because of it's profound impact on personal growth and goal achievement.
YOU'LL HEAR ABOUT HOW:- Inner accountability fosters decisiveness and self-trust, enabling us to take consistent steps towards our goals while remaining open to experimentation and change.- Slowing down and tuning into our thoughts throughout the day allows us to identify patterns that influence our experiences and behaviors.- Embracing discomfort and facing our limitations leads to increased confidence and self-awareness.
RESOURCES:-Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your free, 1-hour Discovery Chat. Spend 20-30 minutes sharing your story with Annaliese, then receive 30 minutes of coaching on your chosen topic. Experience coaching firsthand to see if it aligns with your goals.DAILY, SIMPLE WAYS TO PRACTICE INNER ACCOUNTABILITY:- Noticing specific thoughts and feelings as cues to tune into our inner dialogue.- Taking solitary walks to clear and process thoughts.- Recognizing our power to accept or reject the thoughts our brain generates.- Asking reflective questions to gain perspective on our identity, desires, and capabilities.
Choose what thought has the last word. Understanding your own preferences helps you see others' opinions and your own doubts as suggestions, not rules.
Set intentional standards for yourself on how you want to live. Identify and replace unhelpful standards like people-pleasing and perfectionism with new standards based on your own core values and things you find most important. 
Foster self-compassion. Replace guilt and pressured decision-making with your new inner motivation for genuine growth, not just behavioral change.
Tune in to explore how embracing inner accountability can transform your life one thought and aligned action at a time!

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Annaliese and Alan discuss how and why our evening routines have such an impact on our emotional well-being. Annaliese brings up how to become more self-aware and navigate your emotions better at night so you can choose better ways to unwind that make you feel safe in that “everything’s done, now what?” part of your day.
You'll Hear About:
-Self-Awareness at Night: Take stock of how you typically spend your evenings. Are you content with the results, or do you feel there's room for improvement? Often, our routines are shaped by emotions we're trying to avoid.
-Recognizing Choice: Remember, you have the power to change your habits. It's essential to recognize that you can make choices that better suit your needs and desires.
-Facing Uncomfortable Feelings: Your nighttime routine is probably influenced by emotions you're trying to avoid. When you acjnowledge and process these feelings more, you can decompress more effectively because you'll feel more supported.
-Helpful vs. Unhelpful Habits: Discover the difference between decompressing habits that support intentional processing of your day and those that merely distract you.
-Solutions Personalized For You: Identify what brings you comfort, safety, love, and understanding at the end of the day. Experiment with different activities to find what works best for you.
-Visit www.linktree.com/coachannaliese to schedule your free Discovery Chat with Annaliese. This custom, casual conversation allows you to experience what coaching is like, and be able to decide if it aligns with your goals.
-Start A Better Habit: Answer these questions to guide your reflection and action:  1. What do I need at the end of the day?  2. What's driving those needs?  3. What actions would help me feel more peace, rest, and purpose at the end of the day?  4. What's one simple tweak I could make to my normal routine to support my needs?
-How To Change Your Decompressing Habits:  - Take 10 minutes a day to track your evening activities and feelings. Picture doing this for a week or two.  -Then, check your tracking log for patterns of behavior and choices to gain insight into your habits and notice what your normal is made up of.  -Identify the feelings you want to experience more at the end of a day, and brainstorm a short, simple list of actions that would create them more in you.  -Experiment with one change at a time and notice how it's working for you. Picture doing this one change, as daily as possible, over a week or two.
Listen in to see how embracing change and prioritizing your well-being helps you build a more peaceful and restful nighttime routine and, ultimately, a more satisfying life.


Want things to change in your life?

Annaliese shares from her experience working with clients as a certified Life Design Coach and from her own personal growth journey about what it takes to make real, daily changes in life. She shares how brain science, personality, spirituality, and changing our thoughts and feelings are what give us the results we deeply want in our lives.

LINK FOR FREE DISCOVERY CHAT: www.linktree.com/coachannaliese
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